Flavours Making Of

May 3, 2017

Flavours Making Of Happy to show you this making of video done by Eli Apezteguia during the shooting of Flavours, an article you will find in Solo issue 2 about the flavours you can find in coffees. This article was made possible thanks to the collaboration of Mònica Figueras for the photographies, Nia Delfau for … Read More

Solo Short Videos

March 2, 2015

Solo Short Videos We present you a series of short videos that show you what Solo is about. Like them? Pre-order your copy now.

Eskenaziencursiva for Minor

January 20, 2014

Eskenaziencursiva for Minor This time we had the pleasure to collaborate together with the girls of Eskenaziencursiva for a pre-order and presentation film about Minor. They did a great job capturing the soul and body of the project.