Minor presentation in Sandwich Mixto

April 26, 2014

Minor presentation in Sandwich Mixto We decided to make the most of our trip to Madrid for Libros Mutantes, so we launched Minor again, this time in the bookshop/café Sandwich Mixto, placed in the food Market Antón Martín, right in the city center. We were able to project the teaser on the blind of a … Read More

A display for Minor

March 3, 2014

A display for Minor Portable display designed for Minor with the intention of being able to store and exhibit the publication in different spaces in a very simple and practical way. Original design and execution by Albert Jornet.

Minor for real

February 28, 2014

Minor for real © Photography by Mònica Figueras

Minor presentation in Impossible Barcelona

February 20, 2014

Minor presentation in Impossible Barcelona We launched Minor the 13th of February 2014 in Impossible Barcelona. We had disposable cameras for the people to take the pictures of the event, the film of Eskenaziencursiva, cold beer and besides everyone could complete its publication choosing the postcard of the back cover. It was a pleasure to … Read More

Eskenaziencursiva for Minor

January 20, 2014

Eskenaziencursiva for Minor This time we had the pleasure to collaborate together with the girls of Eskenaziencursiva for a pre-order and presentation film about Minor. They did a great job capturing the soul and body of the project.

Do the Print for Minor

December 15, 2013

Do the Print for Minor This time we collaborated with Do the Print to print the special set of postcards for the pre-orders of Minor. Do the Print is a collective of authors with a self-publishing label and a risography printing shop based in Barcelona.