Atlas is the result of many night and days, kilometres and conversations. It’s a route along a vast territory through images and words under very personal views. Atlas is the opening of a whole series of publications which pretend to show the things we really like and that call our attention. We welcome you to start this journey and to accompany us as long as this keeps on going.

– 56 pages / 22×29,3cm / Digital print full colour
– Limited 100 copies (two editions)
– Texts in the publication are in english and spanish
– Collaborators in this issue: Alba Yruela, Carlos Navarro, Carlos Palacios, Catarina Barroso, Catarina Seixas, Debbie Carlos, Elena Ayllon, Elo Vázquez, Jacinta Moore, Marc Novella, Margaret Durow, Nuria Rius, Olivia Larrain, Pepo M., Sofia Siesta, Sannah Kvist and Xavi Capmany.