a new magazine and other publications review section

We’ve been thinking for a while now that it would be nice to update our blog with our recent magazine, book and other publication discoveries and new acquisitions. We love paper and specially all that has to do with editorial design, that is why we are always searching for new projects, discovering new talents and looking for special publications which call our attention. That is why, while we work on our own projects, we would like to update this blog and make it more active with some interesting material about our discoveries and share them with you.


So let’s start!

Our first review is going to be about Printed Pages. For those who don’t know, Printed Pages is the printed versión of It’s Nice That website. In the magazine, they edit the most interesting work they have published online in the last six months.

In it’s origins, It’s Nice That started publishing it’s own magazine under the same name as the website, and then evolved to what nowadays is known as Printed Pages. So, in the past (around 2009) we had ordered the printed version of It’s Nice That and then Printed Pages for a long time, but it had been a while since our last order, so we pre-ordered the last issue it because it came with a bunch of extra pieces and nice prints, and that is something we specially like. But also because it always features interesting artists, people and projects and because the magazine itself has evolved a lot since the first issues, so it’s interesting to see how a magazine changes in many aspects. The evolution has mainly been in design terms and much more content, and their constant, that they have always used nice papers, specially in the cover and that the printing is perfect.

So you can see how the magazine has changed, these are the first issues of Printed Pages we purchased after it changed from what had been the magazine with the same name as the website, It’s Nice That.


And this is the last issue we recently pre-ordered and arrived a couple of days ago with all the nice extra prints (more than the ones that appear in the picture!). Besides, while pre-ordering you could chose between three different covers, by the photographer Neil Bedford.





For further information and to keep updated on the latest discoveries, check It’s Nice That’s website and if you want to order any issue of Printed pages visit their shop Company of Parrots.

So the first review is over! Thanks for your attention and hope to keep on and that you like the new Reviewing section!