Reviewing: Lunch Lady

Having a place where you can discover new publications and magazines in a city is great and little by little there are a few places in Barcelona which are doing their best to bring new things into their shelves. Impossible is one of those places where you can find quite a nice selection of magazines and publications and where I recently discovered Lunch Lady.

Lunch Lady is a quarterly magazine based in Australia and published by We Print Nice Things. They talk about family issues and parenting, food, alternative thinking and stories about families around the world. Their design is colourful, cheerful and inspiring, full of patterns and a dynamic layout. We love that. And we also love the paper choice and the binding which makes the magazine soft and really pleasant.

It’s quite a new project with three issues available which you can order in their online shop and even subscribe for it if you really like it.

Really happy for having discovered them and no doubt we will be following them from now on!